The pool is now open, all tickets must be booked online via the button below. Be patient when booking, as even the best ticketing websites can crash under high demand.

Take time when booking to read the terms of use for operating safely during Covid-19.

Once sessions are sold out there will be no tickets available on the door.

The half hour adult lane sessions are reserved for 2019 Season ticket holders, they have priority to book these sessions and need to enter the password to do so. If you were a 2019 season ticket holder and do not know the password please give the pool a call on 01433 650843 and a member of staff will check and provide you with it. If these sessions do not sell out we will make the tickets available to everyone the day before the session.


Our latest news

We’re ready for the green light to open, We can’t wait to welcome you back

We hope you have been keeping safe and well during the Covid-19 pandemic. The pool has been closed now for nearly 9 months all the staff are missing (you) the swimmers, work colleagues and running the pool in general. We can’t wait to reopen and show you the
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Sport England Funding Awarded

Making a Splash! Hathersage Pool is proud to announce it has been awarded a grant from Sport England of £50,000 to support an ambitious upgrade project. This project, the most ambitious in the pool’s 80-year history will bring water quality up to 21st century standards. The new circul
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2020 Timetables and Prices

New Timetable and Season StructureIn 2019 the pool completed its first ever all year round heated opening. This trial was more popular than any of us could have imagined which means we can confirm a year of heated winter swimming for 2020/21. We have unfortuna
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There has been continued progress with the project over the last 2 weeks. The trench work for the new pipework is almost complete with some new pipework now installed at the shallow end. The new water returns have been drilled and as you can see there is now 3 instead of 1. Despite th
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Hathersage Swimming Pool is owned by King George Field Charitable Trust and managed by Hathersage Parish Council, for more information about future events in Hathersage please follow the link to Hathersage Parish Council