New Timetable and Season Structure
In 2019 the pool completed its first ever all year round heated opening. This trial was more popular than any of us could have imagined which means we can confirm a year of heated winter swimming for 2020/21. We have unfortunately missed out on being able to swim during the winter this year due to the much needed refurbishment and upgrade project.

As the structure of the pool has changed from a 7 month facility to a 12 month facility it is time to also change the structure of our timetables. 

We will no longer be running High season and Low seasons, instead we will have a Summer timetable which operates from 1st April to 31st October and a Winter timetable which operates from 1st November to 31st March. These timetables are available to view now.

This is a huge step for the pool and brings a massive benefit to all our season ticket holders – There will now be season ticket only sessions throughout April, May, September and October! Where previously these months were run as ‘Low Season’ and season ticket only sessions were removed.

We know that not everyone wants to swim through winter so we have kept as 2 separate memberships:
Summer Season Ticket – *for unlimited access from 1st April to 31st October
Winter Season Ticket – *for unlimited access from 1st November to 31st March

Season tickets for the 2020 Summer season will be on sale soon, the prices and new timetable are available to view now. We hope to start selling Summer season tickets in a few weeks time. Winter season tickets prices have not yet been confirmed but will be available to purchase later on in the year.

We do not have a confirmed date for the pool reopening however, when we do we will be running the Winter Timetable until 31st March. It is looking likely to be the middle of March for a reopening date – we will keep you updated. 

*Terms and Conditions apply which are available from the pool office upon purchase.