Solstice Swim at Hathersage Outdoor Pool was a captivating celebration of summer, swimming and the longest day

On Friday, June 21st, 2024, as dawn painted the sky, over 325 enthusiastic swimmers gathered at our picturesque pool nestled in the heart of the Peak District.

The Magic of the Solstice

As the sun began its ascent, participants immersed themselves in the tranquil waters of Hathersage’s heated outdoor pool. The pool welcomed swimmers as they glided under the early morning sky. It was a unique opportunity to connect with nature, celebrate the solstice, and bask in the magic of the moment.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

This event was organized by the King George’s Field charity (registered charity number: 216960). All proceeds from the swim supported their cause.

A big thank you to all the swimmers for joining us and to the Lifeguards for setting their alarms extra early for the event!

Don’t miss next year’s enchanting opportunity to greet the sun on the solstice morning. Grab your swimsuit, invite friends and family, and let’s make it another memorable sunrise swim! 🌞🏊‍♀️🌅