A one off opportunity to bring you pooch to the pool for swim!

Sunday 3rd November 12:00 – 17:00

Tickets: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/the-king-georges-field-charity

That’s right we will be allowing your furry friends to join you in the water on the last day of our season before we close for refurbishments. The pool is being drained for refurbishment work to be carried out so we thought why miss the chance to let mans best friend in on the action.

Tickets are £13, which includes admission for 1 dog and 1 swimmer who must be 18 years or over they must enter the water at all times with their dog. You must be clear of the area by the time stated upon booking so that the next session can commence.
You can add 1 additional swimmer per dog for an additional £7, swimmer must be aged 8 or over and be a competent swimmer.
Spectators are charged at £3.
(Please note all prices are excluding booking fee)

This is a fundraising event organised and run by The King Georges Field registered charity number 216960

Tickets will go on sale at 8AM on Sunday 20th October; tickets are limited to 25 dogs per session and we expect sessions sell out fast.

Terms and Conditions – Please read before booking

Friendly dogs ONLY! If your dog shows signs of aggression towards other dogs this event is not suitable for your pet. There will be lots of other dogs at this event. Admittance maybe refused or you may be asked to remove your dog from the area.
Each dog entering the pool must wear a collar or lightweight harness and be accompanied by their owner / handler with at least 1 person over the age of 18 in the water at all times.
A maximum of 2 people can enter the water per dog. No children under the age of 8 will be allowed to swim during the event and all people enter the water must be competent swimmers.
All dogs must be kept on a lead when not in the water and are your responsibility at all times.
Please ensure any toilet trips are cleared up and put into the bins provided.
All dogs must be fully vaccinated and over the age of 10 months old to get into the pool.
The swim is not suitable for bitches in season.
You will be required to sign a disclaimer before entering the water with your dog and there will also be a photography permission form, as we would love to use images from the day on our social media pages.
We recommend that all humans entering the water wear a t-shirt, rash vest or wetsuit just to protect yourselves from your dog’s claws.

PARTICIPATION WAIVER – You will be required to sign before entering the event.
I, the undersigned, understand that participating in this event at the Hathersage Swimming Pool is a potentially hazardous activity involving off-leash dogs and open pool access, and I hereby assume complete responsibility for any and all accidents, property damage, bodily injury and/or death that may occur to me, my accompanying family members/visitors and/or pets.
I authorise the officials of this event to use their discretion to have me or my family member(s) and pet(s) transported to a medical facility or to allow qualified personnel to render medical and/or first aid care as needed.
I agree to remain within sight and hearing of my pet(s) at all times and understand that my pet(s) must be under my control at all times. I understand that if my dog becomes out of control, shows any signs of aggression toward dogs or people, or is otherwise causing concern, or if I fail to pick up my dog’s waste, I will be asked to put my pet(s) on a lead and leave the event, and that no refund will be made.
I agree that my dog is currently up-to-date with vaccinations and is healthy and is not in heat.
There will be an official photographer taking pictures both in and out of the water and I agree that images of my dog can be used for promotion purposes.
I, the undersigned, confirm that I have read this waiver in its entirety and that I fully understand and agree to these terms and willingly participate in this event.