What a wonderful day, the rain forecast earlier in the week held off, and the sun shone on our swimmers. An incredible 12500 lengths were swam over the day. Our target of 11237 to take us to Stonehenge was achieved at 00:30, an hour quicker than 2014.

The individuals who swam throughout  the full 24 hours were amazing, coming from Doncaster and London to take the challenge.  It was also lovely to see the number of young swimmers  pushing to do their first length so they could write their names on the board.

The Butros Beatles entertained the late afternoon swimmers and the bowlers, whilst many of the pools neighbours had barbecues to the music in their gardens. Abbie and then Omega Jazz provided music through to early evening.

Once again the cake, scone and  soup makers provided lots of  home made baking to sustain the swimmers, raising over £360 for the King George’s Field charity. Our events wouldn’t be the same without them,  many thanks to all that baked and supported the refreshments stand.

Over 500 people enjoyed the event and so far we have raised over £2000 for the King George’s Field Charity.