Making a Splash!

Hathersage Pool is proud to announce it has been awarded a grant from Sport England of £50,000 to support an ambitious upgrade project.

This project, the most ambitious in the pool’s 80-year history will bring water quality up to 21st century standards. The new circulation and filtration system, with increased flow rate and filtration of water, will ensure we can maintain excellent water quality and clarity at peak times of popularity.

There have been significant changes to the pool over the last 6 years, going from a seasonal facility to being open all year and heated.  We have seen progressive increases in attendance figures putting greater demand on the facilities the Pool offers.

In 2019 we completed our first year of fully heated operation.  This exciting venture was more popular than anyone might have imagined! People enjoyed swimming in heated water throughout the winter period with attendance figures holding steady throughout.  The Christmas period took everyone by surprise with queues, like a hot summer’s day, with swimmers enjoying the novel warm water experience.

The project lead by Hathersage Parish Council, to improve the filtration system and to future proof the pool infrastructure, has greatly benefited from the Sport England grant and the Parish Council is very grateful for this additional support. 

To help raise funds for the refurbishment project the Parish Council is running a successful campaign called “Pool-It”, which includes events and a Just-Giving Campaign.  Events have included Night swims to live music, Summer solstice 24 hour swims, an Auction of Promises and various other ongoing events which have, so far, raised £15000+ for the King George’s Field charity which owns and looks after the future of Hathersage Swimming Pool.

If you are interest to know more, please follow us on Facebook, or contact the Pool Office (01433 650843) or email us [email protected]