Everything was on track for the final night swim, we’d already held 5 that went like clockwork so weren’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. A lunchtime phone call to Jo changed all that – the singer couldn’t come, her keyboard player wasn’t available

After a frantic afternoon of phone calls it looked like music wiould be playing over the tannoy system, not what we wanted. A conversation with a wonderful lady who wanted to reserve tickets led to her finding us a band!

4 young men,  called CATALYST, came  over from Sheffield – thanks to their parents. They really wowed the capacity swimmers. Amazingly talented – watch out for them next year if we can get them back

As usual cake and soup sold out rapidly. A big vote of thanks to all the people who have generously donated time, soup, cakes over the season to make these events so succesful.

We’re looking forward to next year already – see you there

All charity events run by King George`s Field