swimming times


Tickets go on sale to non members on Fridays at 7am for sessions taking place the following week Monday to Sunday.

Members can book using the priority booking period on Wednesdays at 7am.

Please book ‘pay as you swim’ tickets using the link below.


Water Quality

To help us maintain water quality can all swimmers please shower before entering the pool. If you are applying sun cream, please apply 15 minutes before swimming. This allows it to soak into the skin and not wash off. This ensures the suncream will be more effective

Pool temperature

Whilst we endeavour to maintain a consistent water temperature of 28C/82F this is changeable due to the Great British weather conditions and other issues out of our control. During periods of cooler outdoor air temperatures (particually at the beginning and end of the season) the pool cools down faster than we can heat it… If the pool being at the full 28C is important to you please call us on 01433 650843 before your visit and ask for the current water temperature.

Pool Maximum Capacity

Due to COVID pandemic our sessions capacities have had to be greatly reduced to comply with government, Swim England guidelines and social distancing. If you want to learn more about our current capacities please contact the pool office.

Lane Swimming

Due to the COVID pandemic, all session are available to book through our online booking platform. There is a mixture of lane sessions and Public sessions (family welcome). There will be a single lane available during the public sessions, but this may have to be removed at the management discretion.

Swimming Lessons

Due to the COVID pandemic, we will not running any school or private swimming lessons. We aim to reintroduce lessons for the start of the 2021 Summer season.

Storm closure procedures

In the event of thunder storms we must clear the pool immediately. An ‘all clear’ to re-enter the water will be given once there has been a 20 minute lapse between thunder rolls. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for lost swimming time.