We hope you have been keeping safe and well during the Covid-19 pandemic. The pool has been closed now for nearly 9 months all the staff are missing (you) the swimmers, work colleagues and running the pool in general. We can’t wait to reopen and show you the amazing refurbishment work that’s been going on and for you to enjoy swimming once again. The pool refurb is almost complete with just a few finishing touches to attend to and the pool plant room needs officially signing off, which should all be done in the next week or so. As you can see, the pool has been refilled and the brand new filtration system is keeping the water crystal clear.

When we reopen we must implement new measures to help maintain social distance which will include reducing capacity, encouraging pre booking, encouraging swimmers to come ‘Beach Ready’ to avoid use of changing rooms as much as possible, reviewing which sessions can be run safely and most importantly all working together to keep swimming safe.

Mike and George (The Pool Managers) will be carrying out a risk assessment following all the latest advice from the government and Swim England to make sure we are providing a safe environment for you to enjoy. At the present time we plan on opening on a pay as you swim basis so we will not be selling season tickets or memberships initially this is because the guidance is ever changing meaning so will our timetable and ways of operating. We will implement season tickets in to our operations as soon as logistically possible. Full details on our reopening plan will be announced when we have a date. 

You may have seen the pool on BBC Breakfast news yesterday where we discussed our disappointment that we have been left in limbo regarding a date when lockdown restrictions will be lifted for us to open. We also vented our frustrations that going to large shopping centres, pubs and cinemas has been classed as safer than going swimming in a lifeguarded outdoor pool! Bridget from the Parish Council highlighted that outdoor swimming in lakes, reservoirs and rivers has been allowed since mid May which are not attended by lifeguards and is dangerous for anyone not familiar to swimming in those environments. We do not recommend that families seek alternatives to swimming pools during this time, there have sadly been tragic incidents. 

We have received lots of phone calls and emails asking us when we will reopen, the answer is sadly we do not know. We were hoping to be given the go ahead by the government to reopen on 4th July when pubs and cinemas are able to do so, but unfortunately we have been left in the dark. Swim England are lobbying the government to review the current lockdown restrictions and give the leisure industry a date that we can reopen. If you would like to sign their petition please click on the link below. You can also write to your local MP and voice your opinion on the importance of swimming for exercise and mental health.