It`s that time of year again, the pool is now tucked up ready for the new season and the maintenance work has begun. The main priority of the work that is being undertaken is to provide a safe environment, improve the experience for everyone that visits our facility and maintain the heritage look and feel that makes the pool so unique.

There is a number of jobs that are being completed this closed season and the main project for this winter is the Veranda. Over the history of the pool there has been numerous patch-work done to the veranda, but nothing on this scale. Firstly the structure will be stripped back to bare wood and all timber and ply board will be replaced/repaired where needed. Then will come the main work, the roof will be stripped back and new support bracing will be installed to further improve the structure and prepare for the final stage. All work up to this stage is being completed by Hurst Building Contractors (based in Swinton, South Yorkshire) and should be completed within a 4 week time period.

The final stage will be installed by Polysolar Limited (based in Cambridge), and will be a Photovoltaic roof (essentially solar panels). This will produce power for use in a number of applications and any electricity that is not used will be sold back to the grid. The panels will be integrated into the building fabric rather than be a “tack on” addition replacing conventional building cladding materials but with the added benefit of producing renewable electricity and significantly improving our carbon foot print. After all this work has been completed, Hurst will return and install brand new non slip flooring, which will be a significant improvement on what we have currently. Additionally there will be improved disabled access up on to the veranda via a platform lift, all of this will be incorporated into the current structure. The platform lift will be installed at the shallow end of the veranda.

Last year we had some of the exterior fencing replaced along the back path by the bowling green, and now all the remaining fencing will be replaced around the pool area, except for the fencing around the pool café take away hatch, which will be done at a later date. 

As usual we will be having some painting done, but this year there will be a slight change. At the beginning of last season we discussed the possibility of a colour change for the facility, but we didn`t want to just jump gun and completely change it. So we tested a new colour on the changing block and have had nothing but a positive response and now we have decided to complete the job. The bandstand will return back to the original colour of black and the veranda, office and toilet block will mimic the new colour scheme of the changing blocks.

The current pool cover system will be removed and replaced with a much improved system. Instead of  4 small covers, there will be having 2 large low level covers situated in the same location. They will be manufactured and installed by Forge Leisure Ltd (based in Ashington, Northumberland). The new system will provide better heat retention reducing our energy costs and be made of a heavier more durable material reducing the risk of being blown off in high winds.

The last job that will be completed is the Ladies and Gents toilet floors, they will be levelled and a new hard wearing non slip surface installed.

All work is due to be completed before our opening day on Saturday 18th March, we will be posting updates of progress for all works our website and Facebook page. So keep checking for updates and we look forward to seeing everyone for the start of the new season.

Here are some photos of the current ongoing work: